Remembering How It Felt. 2018

Remembering How It Felt explores the taboo of touch. A deep pocket in the work, lined with faux fur, is intended to be explored physically by the viewer, allowing them to explore a part of the work that cannot be seen, only felt. This experience is intimate, but also feels taboo – first because artwork which hangs on the wall is generally not meant to be touched, but also because there is something a little forbidding about reaching a hand into something we cannot see.


Hope and Other Things That’s Burn. 2018

The tension in this work (both literally and figuratively) comes from the sense that it cannot quite be contained by the wall it is mounted on. The vibrant colors seem to yearn to break free while simultaneously holding it back.


Hanging Bodies: Pink. 2017

My Hanging Bodies series explores the fraught connection between visibility and restraint, using the platform created by this state to explore the effects of this paradox on the emotional body.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Allegra Shunk

United States

With a bachelor of arts in theatrical lighting design from Vassar College and a masters of fine arts in 3 dimensional design from Cranbrook Academy of art, I work mainly in the space between art and design, the realm of psychological function and conceptual communication. My practice, centered in Cleveland, Ohio, reaches into many different mediums, such as glass, fiber, metalwork, and light.

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