The whole world 2018

The world of thoughts and words.
The size of the world, depending on what you know about it.The voice of someone eclipsed everything.
The world narrows to one desire.And all thoughts now revolve around him along the same axis.
We all live on the same planet, and all this is a prisoner and the king of his world.
I am surrounded by fairy tales, I see them everywhere.
I want to tell you about my world.
But words have a limited range.

Rendezvous 2018

When we trust each other, we open our most fragile sides.
But not every experience makes us stronger.
We are changing with each other.
I’m strong, and then you’re strong.
I know all your pain points, but I do not need it.
I want to hug you.

I don’t believe 2018

You open and close your eyes.
You see reality and dreams.
You’re sitting in your room.
You close the curtains.
You close your eyes.
You are not interested in reality outside the window.
You love to dream.You no longer want to think.
You open your eyes.
You open the curtains.
You let the sun in the room.
But you’re still inside.
What is more important – the reality that forms you or you, changes the reality around?
All miracles happen on the verge.
You can not believe in reality, and you can not believe in the reality of dreams.
The window divides your room and the world beyond.
You hang the curtains and close them and open them.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alina Lutaeva


Last Selected Exhibitions:February 4-29, 2020 – The Strip of Omission, CUBE.MOSCOW. Moscow, Russia
September 7, 2019 – Urban Poetry 19. Tallinas ielas kvartāls. Riga, Latvia
August 08 – 14, 2019 – “The rooms”. Moscow, Russia
May 18 – October 13, 2019 – “Well, what did you become when you grew up?” Street Art Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Upcoming Exhibitions: March 19-22, 2020 – The Other Art Fair. London, Great Britain

Finalist of the San Diego Latino Film Festival 2020 Poster Contest.

2018: “Benoit’s House”: Marketing and communication of cultural projects2007 – 2012: Art school K. A. Savitsky, Master of Fine Arts

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