Iraq #1 / W.A.R. – War Against Reality 2019

In W.A.R. I use a computational process to compress war documentary footages into single images. I do so to question the system and limitations of embedded journalism, the arguable reportages coming from professional eyewitnesses, and their selective depiction of conflict.

I curate war footages created by embedded journalists across numerous war theatres and published on the Internet. I then compress each selected video into single images using a computational process that mimics exposures lasting as much as the videos’ durations.

The resulting visuals are footages distilled into minimal palettes, and arranged into aestheticizing compositions, whose degree of abstraction varies according to the videos' contents. They seem to reject every sort of mimesis. They attempt to subvert any attempt of narration. Hiding rather than showing, these traces of war speak about the limitations of embedded journalism, its selective depiction of conflict, and its impact on the narration of war.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alfonso De Gregorio


Alfonso de Gregorio is an Italian artist whose work spans image-making, informatics, lecture, and engineering. His chief artistic concern is to raise questions about the world and time we live in. In his practice, Alfonso examines the aesthetics and politics of surveillance, traumatic memory, and sustainability. His works have been exhibited, among other places, at Voies Off (2019), Encontros da Imagem (2019), PHOTO IS:RAEL (2019), Riga Photomonth (2019), Photoville NYC (2018), Batumi Photo Days (2018), and SFMOMA (2017). Alfonso is two-times winner of the Allard Prize Photography Competition and FRESH EYES 2019 talent by GUP Magazine. He has lived in Dubai, Moscow, Milano, Brussels, and Rome – And at times he is reported to be enjoying writing about himself in the third person.

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