Antisymmetry 2019

This canvas depicts the city from boxes, which is no longer on the ground, and just above, because the surface is quite dirty. Multi-level buildings and their weave look like a grille, beyond which you can never get out. In the foreground on the left are the protesters people with posters “We are against symmetry!”. According to these people symmetry if it somehow is reached, can destroy their world, their life. The idea is the following: it is known that the creation of the Universe simultaneously, there was matter and antimatter. At the meeting of matter with antimatter is annihilation (mutual destruction) and the release of large amounts of energy. By some mysterious coincidence of the matter was slightly more than antimatter, and from it was created a world familiar to us. If scientists can create antimatter, i.e. matter symmetric matter, the universe will be destroyed – so think of those people with placards.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alexey Zykin


I am Alexey and I am artist. Was born in 1996 in Moscow and now I live near it. As I am an artist i draw a lot, every second I have I am drawing, in metro, during my styding, during my meal actually every second. In general here we have grey atmosphere around us and on the one hand it makes my mood very sad, but on the other hand it is great boost to my art because these awful emotions helps my paintings to breath, to live. I have chosen to draw my own big imaginated city which appeared in my brain. The concept is that all the buildings are too similar to boxes, so i created a huge city made of cardboard and brought him to life in my art.

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