fool's gold 2020

painting represents the soldier of the traffic, often young people in Rio de Janeiro, without great expectations, associate themselves with the crime looking for a high "salary" that will allow them to enjoy their tangible chimera. The number reports the importance that the media gives to the entities of this corporation, often making huge reports about life and violence in the hills.
paintings do not have vertical orientation

police 2020

painting constitutes a police force, most of the time used for the benefit of society and not always with salaries in line with the dangers faced, the letter has the particularity of being mirrored and when in the reflected position the number changes to 01, demonstrating the value that the police have when they allow themselves to be instigated and meddled in the practice of crimes, which they should fight
paintings do not have vertical orientation

Magic mirror, on the wall 2020

painting represents the Brazilian pubescent, showing her beauty and eagerness to obtain daily sustenance, and expression demonstrates the circumspection in which the character faces life because she is not always in favorable circumstances, often facing multiple harassments in the search for occupation. the numeral expresses the infinite because no matter how much
society evolves the links between venust and authority do not change at the same time.
paintings do not have vertical orientation

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alexandre Cyrillo


Alexandre Luiz dos Santos Brazilian Cyrillo, was born in Contagem-MG in 1981, from a small taste for the arts in general, specifically drawing and painting, but taking everything as a basis for experimentation due to the lack of technical knowledge that at the time was not as widespread as it is today.
At the age of 09 he moved to Aracaju-SE where he currently lives, and the experience and growth in that city has a greater influence on his personal training.
At the age of 14, he entered the technical maintenance course on industrial machines, standing out in the discipline of technical design.
At 32 he feels a personal desire to paint but in the first he is faced with a technique of limitation, seeing that his paintings are not being considered satisfactory to decide to stop painting and study as pictorial techniques to be able to produce outstanding work.
All study and learning is done through the internet, and after 6 years of study, he feels able to develop the work.
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