Funghi. Immersive Cage 2019

Amazonian Forest in Ecuador has suffered a high impact because of exctractivism of oil resources. This work is developed around the poetics of nature as a territory that maintains a defined temporality and constant mutability. This work will show the transfer of an Amazonian territory to the gallery space, through sound and the projection of images and video-mapped photographs on an immersive box. Audio work is made on original sounds form the amazonian forest Yasuni in Ecuador. This is one of the most affected áreas of the jungle forest, therefore all images and sounds are taken from this área. This work wants to share the experience of being in the jungle forest, in order to create awareness of al it’s richness in terms of fauna and flora, and so for it’s protection.

Intimacy 2020

During the quarantine of 2020, the isolation caused various family dynamics of mistreatment and abuse against women. During this period of time, sexual abuse and violence towards women augmented. This work reflects in a poetic way the body of the woman as a territory affected by hegemonic violence. This is one of the most important problems in our country. In Ecuador, 4 out of 10 women are sexually abused on a daily basis. In this video-performance, the intention in terms of visuality is a direct and subtle way of expressing this necessity to break the silence. We seek to represent through the fruit, this sense of vulnerability in domestic environments. This work was presented in México in the Confinement Video-performance Festival in 2020.

Expiration 2020

Expiration is the situation in which something that lasts for a fixed length of time comes to an end or stops being in use. In terms of the 2020 pandemic, body has arrived to it’s expiration; as we are not available to dance in theaters or studios. In this video I want to share with you a video-art composed by a dancer in four spaces, sharing some dances in nature.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alexandra Trujillo Tamayo


“Transdisciplinary artist. She began her dance training in Bordeaux presenting works at various festivals in France: Festival des lyceens 2009, TNBA, Theater du cercle brisée. He carried out several stage projects and artistic residencies in Paris in 2009. He has presented works in France, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. A USFQ graduate, she combines psychology with the performing arts, installation and visual arts. He received a COCOA art award in 2017. He trained in contemporary art curation at the IMCR of Mexico in 2018. He has made exhibitions and presentations at Arte Actual Flacso, Metropolitan Cultural Center, Variedades Theater, Imbabura Factory, Emergency Exit (Cuenca), House of Ecuadorian Culture of Quito, among others. Receives the “Habita la Fábrica” ​​Award, Fábrica Imbabura, in 2019. She is the Manager and creator of CUERPA (S) International Performance Festival. In 2020 he won the Al-Zurich Art Prize for Art and Community Encounters 2020. Live and Work in Quito.

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