'Love Cuts Deep' 2013

‘Love Cuts Deep’ balances in seemingly fragile glass, appearing to be on the cusp of implosion; dense darkness penetrating downwards through light transparency. The glass envelops and supports, looking as though it flexes to encase the contrasting material. Both components are as if caught mid-step in a dance- completely reliant on each other to sustain their positions. Within the handles of the scissors, small hands grasp and feed one completed side towards each other, while another pair are separated and reach outstretched; close but on different trajectories even if they did manage to bridge the distance between themselves. Representing the artist and a partner at the time, the pairs of hands portray a desire and a reality; the yearning for balance, solace and to be nurtured versus the reality of life paths splitting in different directions.

'Helix' 2014

Moxham's sculptures are like artefacts from an enchanted world; in this creation all of Moxham's recognisable mediums are employed.
'Helix' is like a fortune telling orb, although seeming to twist and expand. The glass appears to inflate and support the metal coil which is curled around it.
The words 'Duel Integrity' are etched around the glass. The glass is blown through a bronze coil arm that twists upwards towards an outstretched hand about to grasp forwards. The hand's fingers are in carpal movement- the unique ability humans have to be able to touch finger to thumb, which differentiates us from primates. Concepts of the evolutionary scale and our unique ability to combine thought, emotion, sense and creation are encapsulated in this.
'Helix' articulates through form, the aspiration of success with ambition. Titled in reference to the scientific term for a curve in 3D space, helices are the structure of DNA and biology- as is creativity to human endeavour.

'Firmament' 2018

The process Moxham employed to make this collection of artwork makes it impossible for her to replicate each work. This medium fits perfectly for her concept for this collection of paintings as it was born from her fascination with the iris of our eyes. Moxham loved how these are completely unique to each of us, and likens them to our celestial universe within. As nebula clouds in the universe are distinctive, each of our eye colourings are exclusive also. Whether representational of celestial bodies or more evocative of the anatomy of the eye; they are glorious, beautiful detailed creations which draw you in to enjoy their colour & texture while questioning our place within the world as we see it.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alexandra Murcott

New Zealand


‘Ello! – My name is Alexandra Murcott, my pseudonym is Moena Moxham. I am a creative trailblazer from Wellington, Aotearoa- New Zealand.
Curiosity leads me to working in different mediums, crossing different formats and being involved in all forms of artistic expression. My formal design background is in Industrial, Textile (Honours) and Graphic Design, but this education was only the paper and seals on a life that has seen me making, thinking and doing since I was knee high to a grasshopper.
Within my personal artwork my creative style is detailed, symbol and reference dense and the product of my psyche. I take pleasure in problem solving concepts and letting ideas evolve without being constrained to material or method. I globe-trot our Earthly body exploring new environments and situations in order to convey fresh, unique and dynamic perspectives. My creations are the products of my emotions, experiences and evolution.

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