Das Kreuz 2019

This work was created from me after I had had many inner differences and fights with myself. The back with the ass symbolizes all of us. in this case especially me and my life and shows all the different crosses I/we have to carry in our/my life. That the cross comes so close to the body, even in the ass, shows how close the pain and the torture comes and that it is always inside of us. But also it is saying……whatever happens…..I will survive anyhow

Das Kreuz Skulptur 2019

This cross symbolizes for me my life with all the pain I had to suffer and for sure I will continue to do until I die. The cross is my body and each piece of iron or nail on it, is the pain my soul and my body had been suffering what had felt as if a knife had been ramped i to it. The nails the cross is standing on symbolizes the painful and difficult world we are all living in, trying to survive until we die.

Life always matters 2020

This is my newest installation with which I will take part at an exibition in January in London 2021. The soldier with his gun demonstrates the powerful holding all of us ( the wigs) at bay and creates with this so many refugees and poverty ( the suitcase)

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alexandra Kordas



Sometimes life changes from one moment to the next without any notification. For me it was so two and a half years ago when my son was afflicted with heavy flue and I was stuck st home for three weeks nursing him as a single mother.
Feeling deeply lonely and depressed, suddenly out of the blue I had the deep wish to become creative and to paint.
As I always listen to my inner voice , I immediately bought everything that was required for my first painting. From that moment on, I never stopped painting, creating sculptures and installations in numerous ways, forms and materials and I have created until now about 84 different pieces of art. Also this year I have participated in 4 exibitions in Switzerland and Italy/Venice , two online exibitions and will be showing 6 peaces 3 paintings and three installations in January in London

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