Entelechy 2019

The graphic project is based on Aristotle’s philosophical ideas.
In particular on the concept of Entelechy, that is, the perfect development from potential to actual.
Matter and potential are equal in the idea of Aristotle, as matter is, by definition, the ability to take shapes.
The term Entelechy expresses the possibility for something to become something else, through a journey made of
continuous changes that have the aim to reach its full potential.
"The light emitted from the projection transforms the colors and shapes of the architecture, making them visible,
from the potential state of their invisible darkness".

#iMappBucharest #iMappBucharest2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alessio Cassaro


AntalessVisualDesign – Innovative Visual Art

My name is Alessio Cassaro and I am the Chief Executive Officer at Antaless Visual Design.
I have been working in the graphical animation field for more than 10 years and for a few years I have been specializing in video mapping.
This specialization began as a hobby, for fun rather than work, but I became completely enamoured by it and decided to make it my profession.
I have created the backdrops for many shows and concerts.
After finishing education I worked in multiple theatres as an audio-video-lighting technician.
After this, I worked for several video mapping companies that are known worldwide.
In 2013 I founded Antaless Visual Design with the purpose of sharing my emotions to the visual art world.
I have taken part in various international competitions and have won some prestigious prizes.
As of now, I am incessantly pursuing my career and I hope to improve and progress in this fantastic field.

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