It was 4 o'clock at night, I can't forget.
I had arrived in Beijing a few hours ago on my way to Shandong province.
From the taxi, which stops just before the highway entrance, I notice this lady who does the cleaning.
I had a jolt, an exhibition of sensations.
Silence, darkness, smog, fog and the lady who cleans the road that was totally integrated with the landscape … her clothing and the colors of the walls around it seemed one

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alessandro Barcellona



Alessandro Barcellona is a passionate photographer based in the heart of Verona. He works with Mirrorless cameras to capture the wonderful life everyday. To him the camera is an object, never so important as the result, only an object that capturing the moment his eye is seeing, good to show to everyone an emotion. For him, photography is not only about catching the soul of strangers, it’s also about experiencing life in places around the world. He is also a lover of landscapes and essentially He is a lover of all that gives him an emotion.

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