Slice Me, I Love You 2019

20 cutters delivered to 20 people in the audience, at random.
My back at their disposal, no explicit invitation does a man behave when he is allowed to perform immoral or illegal acts without running the risk of being punished or getting into trouble for this?
Here is the result: 59 cuts in about twenty minutes.
The sadistic nature of man and the desperation behind the intentions of a self-injured person are revealed in the most intimate form of sadomasochism, the one that transcends the sexual act but results in profound confessions shouted into the microphone

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alessandra Zerbinati


Alessandra Zerbinati, born in 1980, is a body performer and sound artist residing in Italy.
After a life of studies and work in the world of dance and theater, he arrived in the world of sound installation.
His performances, synthesis of butoh dance, noise and body marking, go around Europe and U.S.A.

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