Quantum Calligraphy 2019

“The roots of a plant do not grow directly in a vertical direction; many parts of the root extend laterally from the primary or secondary roots, these are known as lateral roots and originate from the same tissues as the primary root, in the same way that the Ego and others relate to each other, since that both represent opposite extensions of the same correlative and reversible system. . The observer and the observed are part of a dynamic system governed by reversibility rules. A reversible process – or reversible cycle – is a process whose direction can be “reversed” by infinitesimal changes depending on the environment.
In this mood, what is the difference between the ink droplet, which is the root of the line, and the primary root and secondary roots? What is the difference between our family, our community and other social groups in the world?
These are the roots of the empathy that I propose in my works of art, as a unanimous meeting of consciousness.


Drawing is the scaffolding not only of image but also of consciousness. The line connects, traces routes, roads that meet or depart. Each ink stroke in this series was outlined in a dream. After that during vigil, I translated this sense of interconnections, that pareidolia effects lead me to interpret as super strings of quantum physics, but above all, they are an imaginal look at a cosmic landscape in which everything happens in images that interconnect beyond time and space. I choose to live and draw as part of a whole without judgment or prejudice. Drawing a line with the Universe disables the individuality of Ego, leading me to the landscape of the Universe Absoluteness.
My drawings are an active, shared meditation.

Origin 2020

Throughout history, philosophers, scientist and spiritual masters have asked the same question over and over again, “Who Am I” ? Are we our DNA, are we more than just our bodies and minds, are we spirit, stories of our ancestors, are we our race, our culture? Questioning my own existence I wondered, if my finger print supposedly makes me unique from the others, and the iris of our eyes has unique information of me as an individual, also setting us a part one from the other, Can our eyes carry the information of our true origin?
This series of “ris” studies, have opened up windows where we can definitely set us apart from other species and our selves, but we can also travel beyond them as portals to or own darkness and light. We are definitely unique and different , but then again we are One and the same. Let us travel within, to reach the universe beyond or humanity!

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alessandra Sequeira

Costa Rica


Multidisciplinary artist since 1998. Graduated in Advertising Design, Universidad Veritas. Modulator of relational art experiences since 2010.
Her work is found in several collections and museums internationally: Calderón Guardia Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art in Latvia, UNIS University Museum, Guatemala, CE Space Collection, Guatemala, Rozas Botran Foundation, University of Plastic Arts Guatemala, Municipal Museum of Cartago , Collection of World Textile Art Organization.
She has obtained important prizes: Nominated by the Association of Art Collectors of the Middle East, by the Global art Awards, also selected to exhibit in Braga Portugal-at the Baroque Exposition, honorable mention at Awards and Auction RBF, Miami.She has participated in different international Biennials and art festivals, Sumarte-Sal, Valoarte CR, MAC Panamá, Arte in Mayo – Guatemala, Kosmosis-Italy, Latin American Art-Art in Vienna. Verum Art and Culture Center-Italy.

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