The Secret Language of Trees 2021

"The secret Language of Trees” is a sound installation that reflects on the limits of language as a mean of communication between humans and the botanical world and questions the need of people to seek a relatable form of expression in plants instead of attuning to their own means of communication. The sound, coming from the sculptural elements, exposes a constructed processes of translation whose outcome is a non-sense mixture of noises.
The installation is site specific and has been presented in different ways according to locations; it is composed of several sculptural elements (the "trees") which each contain a speaker that plays some recordings previously made and a large foam pillow where the viewer can sit to contemplate the sounds. Further bark is then used to visually guide the spectators towards the sonic elements.

ONE 2021

ONE is an experimental video work that explores the perception of the human-nature presence in the world as a whole. The video promotes a vision of togetherness between the human figure and the vegetal being which results in a perpetual succession of shapes and colours in constant transformation. The continuous movement of the camera on the subjects prevents the viewer from focusing on the singular elements, favouring a vision of the subjects as fused together rather than distinct entities. The constant flow of figures is then accompanied by an overlapping of sounds, which highlights a sense of circular motif: a constant creation, separation and then dissolvement on one element into the other.

Encounters with Nature 2020

"Encounters with Nature” is a sound interactive installation which explores how we perceive ourselves within the natural environment and how, by challenging this perception, we can build a new and deeper connection with the botanical world. The installation aims at making the viewers conscious of their own presence in terms of vibrations or alteration/production of those, which are then manifested through sound.
These vibrations, which lie at the basis of our existence, represent an underestimated channel of communication shared by both humans and plants.
Through the inevitable production of sound, resulted from the interaction of the body with the sonic elements – comprised of waste wood, conkers and string- the artist creates an experience of heightened awareness between the body and its surroundings, introducing us to a new dimension of interconnectedness

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alessandra Breviario


Specializzata nell’ambito delle installazioni, video e nella ricerca di esperienze sonore, Alessandra Breviario è una giovane artista emergente con formazione a Farnham, in Inghilterra. Dopo un’iniziale avvicinamento alle arti figurative in Italia, presso il liceo artistico A. Modigliani di Giussano, e un anno di studi in arti visive alla HSPVA di Houston (TX), decide di trasferirsi all’estero per gli studi universitari, dove consegue una laurea triennale in Fine Arts presso la University for the Creative Arts. Qui la sua pratica artistica si evolve in un’ esplorazione multimediale delle relazioni e interazioni tra uomo e natura, con particolare attenzione al tema della comunicazione e del linguaggio inteso come limite espressivo. Dal 2017 ha partecipato a varie esibizioni negli USA, in Italia e inghilterra, ultime delle quali "Origin" a Londra e "Intim-us" a Milano.

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