La Gioconda 2019

Ukraine 2019. Golden
The girl lives in a city called Golden.
This place is located at the very epicenter of hostilities and often overcomes shelling.
Human life is invaluable in fact, every day of life is worth its weight in gold. But in war, people become the subject of political negotiations.
Despite the fact that during the shooting, deaf single shots were heard, the girl smiled, and I saw the image of Mona Lisa in front of me. Life is against all odds. This is probably what modern Gioconda should look like.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alena Grom


Ukrainian artist, Alena Grom was born in Donetsk. In 2014 she was forced to leave her home and hometown due to military events in Donbass.
Her region turned into a daily military chronicle, where the 24 hours were estimated at the number of killed and wounded, and her house was robbed and shot down by marauders. In such conditions photography has become a salvation for Ms. Grom and a way to escape from a traumatic reality.
Artist has studied in photography schools, lectures and Schools art cultural managers and curators. War-torn Donbass region, immigrants and refugees were the first to appear in the lens of her camera. However, her photos are not illustrations of pity or grief, they are an affirmation of life.
Alena works at the junction of social reporting and conceptual photography. She works on her topics on the front line. The author was a laureate and winner of international contests.
Her exhibitions were held in Europe, USA, Japan, Ukraine.

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