Summer love 2020

This photography is part of the project "A yellow house on the hill", a serie about summer moments in my grand-parents village exploring their lives, their routines and the several magic scenes I could came through.

Texas Morning 2019

This photography is part of the serie "Wide Open State". A portrait of the magic scenarios you can have in the Unite States of America if you go deep in the country.

Forever Together 2021

One of the most representative photos of my project "Estas son las normas". A photographic series about the wierd and unique scenes you can see all along the graveyards of Spain.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alberto Urraca


My name is Alberto Urraca, I’m a young photographer based in Madrid. I focus
my work in film photography in order to take photos in street or anywhere without caring too much about the technical part of the photo. I’m just
moved by a feeling of motion and energy and I try to capture it in every shot.

My artist statement is based in play an important role in understanding
reality to empower all those moments that are unique, special and bigger than
fiction. Real life is the main ingredient of my work and photography powered my aim to discover and to be amazed
of any culture, tradition and raw daily routine in the constant looking for stories
that relate a large amount of factors (space, family, weather, mental state,
landscape and socio-economic status) and understand how unique, fleeting and
strong can a life be. And display it in different projects about life, destiny, emotions, family and love.

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