Where is Lisa? 2019

Surrounded by codes and mathematic structure and digital data, it might easy but still i am only human and might get lost. Indeed, where is she? I might need some upgrade next time.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Alar Tuul



Alar Tuul (b. 1982). Lives in Tartu. Studied at Tartu Art College. In 2019 he graduated cum laude the Department of Painting, University of Tartu. In 2013 he had a solo exhibition “Report” in Tartu Art House and the same year an exhibition in Tartu Art Museum as part of the series “Selection of the Museum”. In 2016, his painting was used in the stage design of Hendrik Kaljujärv’s production “Overexposure”. The solo exhibition “Out of memory” at Tartu Art House in 2018 dealt with artificiality and dystopia. Tuul is a painter who likes to experiment and challenge new perspectives, combining strict linearity with total freedom in geometry.

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