A Vision of My Island Home 2020

… we are seen as this tourist destination to many and not much else. We are sometimes assumed to have no problems because we live in “paradise”…

Gazing on Paradise 2020

The child sits unaware of the known paradise behind her. She admires and wants to explore the paradise before her. Her brother lends a guiding hand the best way he knows how and in doing so she’s becoming a product for consumption.

Picnic in Paradise 2021

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Akilah Watts



Akilah Watts is a Barbadian Contemporary Artist who received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art in 2017 and went on to participate in Prizm Art Fair of that same year.
Watts works with a number of media including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture as well as high and low relief paintings. Watts has exhibited locally (Barbados) in a number of group exhibitions and hosted her first solo show in March 2019. She has also exhibited Internationally in Miami and Romania and has been featured online in exhibitions, auctions, articles, and shops such as Les iles and Ebony Art Spot.
Watts has been featured in a few local publications such as the Easy magazine and the M People magazine and internationally online on Troo Gallery and Les iles. Watts is currently working on multiple bodies of work. One focuses on her relationship with natural hair and her Caribbean roots, while another body of work entitled “Trapped in Paradise” is her way of exploring ideas of her island home as a paradise.

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