stills of rush 2019

I think that the world is made up of a fragile gathering of many slightly different small existences.
I express that by my work,which consists of connecting many small parts of clay.
After firing, clay becomes hard, and can not go back as a substance.
When I think about that, I feel the strength, persuasive, and beauty to ceramics.

Technically, I cut the thinly extended black clay into tiny squares with 0.5cm×1.5cm, put the white slip with a brush on each tiny square,
and then, joined lots of tiny squares with slip and made it box. I tried to make it as thin as possible. Finally, I fired it on 1230℃.
SIZE: W25cm D15cm H30cm

afternoon is in it 2017

Basically same concept and technique as Work1.
Not only black and white clay, using red clay too, for this piece.
SIZE: W17cm D17cm H16cm

no title 2019

I have many flat pieces too, not only boxes.
Small flat pieces are for focus many different pattern and colors of clay.
SIZE: W13cm D13cm

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Akiko Taniguchi


1978  Born in Tokyo
2000  Graduated from Waseda University [department of social science] 2003  Graduated from Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center

2019  Korean International Ceramics Biennale2019 [selected for onsite exhibition] (Icheon,South Korea)
2018  2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale MARTINSONS AWARD[Gold prize] (Daugavpils,Latvia)
2006  5th Izushi porcelain triennale[selected] (Hyogo,Japan)
2003  4th Izushi porcelain triennale[selected] (Hyogo,Japan)

2019  Fuping Pottery Art Village [invited artist](Fuping,China)
2019  The International Ceramics Studio [2019 WINTER RESIDENCY I.](Kecskemét,Hungary)
2017  The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park [studio artist](Shiga,Japan)

2019  Fuping Pottery Art Village(Fuping,China)
2018  Turkish Ceramic Society(Eskişehir,Turkey)
2018  Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics(Daugavpils,Latvia)
2018  Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery(Jingdezhen,China)

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