Gambettes 2018

This picture from a series is taken in Spain, at the same cliff from which I used to jump as a child, to do like the others, through peer pressure, though I was terrified. I wouldn’t jump from there as an adult. My pictures are the reflections of my childhood – the fears I had often show up in my pictures

Alpine 2019

Part of a series of ‘performative sculptures’ with my daughter, where photography is the result. We create these sculptures together as installations, with objects we have at home, or props we find at the flea market. We make the sculpture in a particular location, a location that means something to me. I prepare the set, the performance begins, then I photograph to immortalise the moment. Here the performative sculpture is a mountain on the mountain where the leg extends to create an artificial mountain. This picture is shot in the Swiss Alps. The mountains are timeless and solid, while these legs are still so young and growing.

Pool Splash 2019

Is the subject escaping from something or re-joining her natural surroundings? There’s a feeling of lightness and freedom from gravity when you are in the water, but this picture has heaviness to its emptiness. Yet it is saturated at the same time.
I don’t particularly enjoy water so this picture is a reflection of my childhood – the fears I had often show up in my pictures.

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Aimée Hoving


Dutch photographer Aimée Hoving, born in 1978 in Belgium, grew up in Switzerland. She studied at the ECAL and obtained a BA in visual communication with a specialization in photography.

She has participated in several international group exhibitions and is part of the permanent collections at museums and is found in private collections. Aimée has worked for many renowned international magazines, both for art and fashion. She has won several awards.

This work is a photographic recreation of spaces and places from her childhood, mixed in with experiences and events reflecting certain fears and dreams she had when growing up. The model in these photos is her daughter.
While she mainly focuses on portraits, the way they are taken varies depending on the subject, the surroundings and the theme. Sometimes the subject becomes an object, like a sculpture or a statue.

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