Everywhen 2020

Title: Everywhen
Location: Austin, Texas
Year Completed: 2020
Budget: $92,000.00
Dimensions: 8 H x 31 W x 11 D
Artwork Description:
Everywhen is an original permanent work commissioned by the City of Austin in 2020 for the Montopolis Recreation Center.

*Photo Credit: Chase Daniel

Color Field 2018

Title: Colorfield
Location: Austin, Texas
Year Completed: 2018
Budget: $10,000.00
Dimensions: 3 H x 75 W x 12 D
Artwork Description:
Color Field is an original temporary work commissioned by the City of Austin for AIPP Tempo 2018.

*Photo Credit: Phillip Rogers

Fire Tower II 2006

Title: Fire Tower II
Location: Austin, Texas
Year Completed: 2006
Budget: $3,000.00
Dimensions: 70 H x 24 W x 54 D
Artwork Description:
The Fire Tower Installation was executed in 2006 during an independent study while Agustina was an architecture student at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Agustina Rodriguez

United States


As an architectural designer and visual artist, my multidisciplinary background has provided the means to express the passion I have for fostering connections between people and places. Sharing my unique perspective with diverse audiences and helping communities find their own voice through the media of public art and architecture is my calling.

My creative explorations have spotlighted elements in the built environment that are often overlooked in the backdrop of our everyday experience. My interest lies in creating a reprieve from the monotony of daily life by introducing moments of surprise and creating settings that help foster community engagement. Common themes in the development of my work include using color as contextual code, simplicity of form, and careful study of materiality. Central to these themes is the conscious articulation of scale and how it may impact the individual works.

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