Contemplation of my Japanese inspirations 2021

The picture shows different elements of the project "Contemplation of my Japanese inspirations” carried on since 2017 till now. “Spiritus movens” of this venture is culture, art and landscape of Japan. The project consists of various activities: painting, photography, objects, performative excercises (ikebana arrangements, projections) and combining all the elements with aid of music by Japanese composer Masafumi Komatsu.
On the enclosed picture there are two big canvas paintings (“Euphoria 3776” and “Hanami Energy”), fragments of 2 other paintings from the same series (“Crazy Full Bloom” and “Fulness of Tsubaki”) used in this venture, designed by myself garment and photographs of projections.
All my paintings are created in unique, own mixed technique worked out over the years.
Objects designed by myself, like garment or interior design elements, use selected motifs from paintings, complementing the sensual impressions.

Charm II 2020

Charm 2 is a composition of my photographs from visit in Japan in 2019 accompanied by music of Japanese composer Masafumi Komatsu, who welcomed such fusion.
The leitmotiv of this photoshow is florescence (hanami) and this is one of my many different ventures uniting photography and music.

Incidental Auto-Portrait 2021

Incidental Auto-Portrait is an open, continuous venture carried on since several years in different places. This presentation shows samples from years of 2016-2021 also including TIFA 2019 Bronze Award Winning works. Currently, the entire collection consists of 55 works reproduced on brushed silver dibond for display purposes.
World pandemic and "quarantine of culture" brought additional emphasis and relevance for the evolution of this "diary project".
Incidental Auto-Portrait is a poetical tale from different places in the world about my relationship with space.
In carefully selected frames I reveal my admiration for balanced composition and the unique meaning of the emotional shadow left in the cultural space of the surrounding me piece of universe.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Agnieszka Glowacka


Agnieszka Glowacka (painter, graphic artist and designer) graduated from W. Strzeminski's Fine Arts Academy in Lodz (Poland) in 1990. Since then Agnieszka has been professionally dealing with graphic design and photography. She has also been active on the fields of drawing, painting and photography.
Since 1986 Agnieszka presents her works in individual exhibitions and from 1994 participates in collective art expositions.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of creative work, in 2016, the retrospective exhibition of her paintings "Intuition" took place in Willa municipial art gallery of Lodz.
In 2018 Agnieszka presented a series of paintings "Contemplation" inspired by Japan culture. "New Japanism" collective exhibition hosted her big canvas paintings during the Festival of Japanese Arts Bunkasai 2019 in Warsaw.
Agnieszka presents her photographic works in collective exhibitions and in internet. She is a winnner of the Bronze Award in Tokyo International Foto Awards "TIFA 2019".

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